Lindsay Lohan News: LiLo Clears Another Legal Hurdle

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Lindsay Lohan is taking another step in getting her life back and moving past all of her legal trouble. It is being reported that LiLo is settling at least one of the disputes that set off all her issues to begin with.

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly come to an agreement settle a lawsuit from the three men who were in the car with Lindsay during her 2007 DUI arrest. This was the second such arrest in less than 90 days of Lilo. In this incident she was found to have cocaine in the car. At the time, the men claimed that LiLo had abducted them. Lohan plead guilty to the cocaine charge and served one day in jail.

While no actual terms of the settlement have been disclosed, it is safe to say that Linday Lohan probably just wants to get this mess behind her. Lindsay has spent the better part of the last several years dealing with a myriad of issues that seemed to have been set in motion by the DUI arrest. Between rehab stints, house arrest, and time spent in the morgue… this will hopefully be one of the last things she has to do to clear her name and put the past behind her.

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