Lindsay Lohan Nightclub Fight! Arrest, Jail Time in Future?!

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Could Lindsay Lohan be facing an arrest and more jail time? LiLo is being accused of allegedly pushing a woman in a nightclub last Thursday night. Though there are some holes in the story, just the thought of Lindsay ending up back in an orange jumpsuit behind bars has people talking.

Actually, for Lindsay the timing probably couldn’t be better. The police are calling the nightclub incident “just an allegation,” and they are checking into it. If this had happened even two weeks earlier, while Lindsay Lohan were still on probation, she could have stared at jail time. Yep, an arrest could have been seen by Judge Stephanie Sautner as a probation violation. That would have meant yet another orange jumpsuit for LiLo.

“You have to wonder about someone who calls the media before the police,” states Lindsay’s publicist Steve Honig. Yep, this woman might just be seeking her 15-minutes of fame by trying to take down Lindsay once and for all, called the tabloids before reporting the incident to the police… three days later. Talk about holes in the story. Now if Lindsay Lohan can just listen to Judge Sautner and stay out of the clubs, once and for all, she might not have to deal with allegations like this seemingly every week.

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