Lindsay Lohan ‘Not Worth the Trouble,’ Loses Another Job Opportunity

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Uh-oh, Lindsay Lohan has blown it again! But, is anyone surprised? Her latest blow is a flat out “No!” from Steven Soderbergh who was actually strongly considering hiring Lindsay for the role of a stripper. Lohan would have played the crazy girlfriend of Alex Pettyfer in Soderbergh’s upcoming film Magic Mike, but after just one meeting he completely nixed the idea—completely! It’s too bad, because from all accounts Lindsay would have been the perfect choice to play the part of a girl said to be “trouble with a capital T.” So, how did she blow this potential gig?

According to E! Online:

Linds was S.S.’s top pick to play the part (he thought she’d be perfect for it), but after approaching the party gal (and her peeps, too) about a potential big screen comeback role, decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Does Lindsay Lohan have any hope for getting her career back on track? She can’t even land a role to play a girl who is just like her! That’s pretty much the ultimate rejection—and Lindsay is worried, too. When she heard that Soderbergh said that casting Lindsay Lohan wasn’t worth the trouble, Lindsay freaked out and called him up and begged him to say that what he said about her was not true. Soderbergh said no.

Ouch! Well, hopefully this will be yet another experience from which Lindsay Lohan can learn… she just needs to get her act together pronto or else she can kiss her career goodbye… like, completely goodbye.

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