Lindsay Lohan Officially Named Burglary Suspect–Refuses to Talk with Police

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Lindsay Lohan may be in a lot more legal trouble if the latest rumors are true. The troubled actress is officially a suspect in a home burglary that happened last week. Although Lindsay quickly denied having anything to do with the theft of two watches and some expensive sunglasses, police believe otherwise. Oddly enough, the homeowner who originally reported the items missing after a party, has changed his story and claims the items, worth more than $100K, were never missing.

Apparently, police are not quite ready to buy the story and say they have other witnesses. These witnesses supposedly name Lindsay and her assistant, Gavin Doyle, as the real thieves in the night. Of course, Lindsay is denying she had anything to do with the items that may or may not have gone missing. She tweeted, “All of this negative press is BS … Whenever I’m doing great, people fabricate lies. It’s such a shame.”

Police have requested to speak with Lindsay about the theft, but big surprise, LiLo’s lawyer refused. Basically, police will have to come up with strong evidence. In the meantime, Lindsay is hiding behind her lawyer.

Lindsay is already on probation for her involvement in another jewelry heist, which she still denies she was a part of. She feels people are using her bad girl reputation for their own publicity. Doesn’t it seem odd that Lindsay Lohan constantly finds herself talking to police for things she didn’t do? The girl could use some time away from the spotlight to just get herself together.

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