Lindsay Lohan on DWTS? Carrie Ann Inaba Wants her on Dancing with the Stars!

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DWTS wants Lindsay Lohan on the hit TV show but does Lohan want to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars? The troubled actress has just been released from jail and DWTS would be a great comeback for her. Only problem is, can Lindsay Lohan carry a two-step?

Apparently, MSNBC news reported a DWTS judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, really wanted Lohan on the show:

“The judge wants Lindsay on the show so bad that when we were talking to Inaba, she actually fell to her knees, put her hands in the prayer position and pleaded, ‘Please,  Lindsay Lohan come on our show!’” Inaba added, “I want her so bad!”

Looks like bad behavior can pay off in Tinseltown. However, I doubt if Lohan meant for her troubled life to be splashed across the tabloids.

Perhaps, being a paparazzi darling has it’s benefits too. It’s a good guess that Lohan’s infamous antics paid off.

Whether or not she is troubled, Lohan still has a fan base and that’s good news for Dancing with the stars. Being on DWTS will certainly show Lohan in a different light and that may attract more fans for the star.

Interestingly, while Lohan was in jail, she received at least 250 snail mail letters so while she is pondering the decision to appear on Dancing with the Stars, Lindsay do a bit of reading as well.

(source: NationalLedger)

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