Lindsay Lohan Partied Hard at Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

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Lindsay Lohan reportedly partied hard Saturday night at Kim Kardashian’s wedding. She was spotted doing shots during the wedding reception. Isn’t Lindsay supposed to abstain from partying as part of her probation?

According to a report from RadarOnline, the Lohan and the Kardashian families have long been friends, and Lindsay attended Kim’s wedding with her mom Dina and sister Ali.

A source at Kim Kardashian’s wedding reception says that Lindsay Lohan spent considerable time at the bar and was being quite the partier all evening long.

“She was drinking and partying hard,” the source says. “I saw her order shots from the bar.”

Lindsay Lohan is in fact still on probation, but it seems that alcohol isn’t one of her restrictions. If she fails a drug test she could be sent back to jail, but booze doesn’t count. Doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous—especially in light of the fact that Lohan has been arrested before for drunk driving? Let her out of jail and tell her she can’t do drugs, but let her drink shots at a wedding reception—now that doesn’t really make a lot of sense, does it?

Lindsay Lohan did look very pretty at Kim Kardashian’s wedding, despite her hard-core partying ways. She wore a beautiful white low-cut dress with crystal embellishments on the back. Her hair—now bleached platinum blonde—was a nice complement to her attire.

Hopefully Lindsay’s night of doing shots at the Kardashian bash won’t become a regular thing. It would be nice to see this young actress get her act together and start acting again. Almost every time it appears that she’s close to achieving this, she slips up in some way or another, and winds up back in front of a judge. It’s sort of sad to say, but drinking shots isn’t exactly light social drinking, and she may already be well on her way back to her troubles with the law.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s behavior at Kim Kardashian’s wedding could be indicative of yet another downward spiral for the young actress?

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