Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pictures “Tasteful” Says Mother, Dina

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The Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures were tastefully done, at least according to Lohan’s mother, Dina.

After what was an extremely busy week for the troubled actress, which included community service trips to the morgue and a secretive posing session for Playboy, Lindsay’s mom has not only confirmed rumors that her daughter posed for the famous skin mag but also that the pictures will show Lindsay in a flattering light. May need quite a bit of airbrushing to pull that off, at least when one considers Lindsay’s off the wall behavior recently.

While not every girl’s mother would exactly be proud of her oldest daughter posing nude for a nationally disseminated nudie publication, Dina Lohan, of course, is not your typical mother. This is an adult who actually parties with Lindsay, some might say encouraging the selfsame behavior that has derailed Lohan’s life and career.

Lohan will be receiving close to $1 million for the shoot, which Playboy is hoping will help lift some pretty dormant sales numbers. No word on if any of that will go towards the Lohans’ party fund. But one thing is for sure: it is most unlikely to go towards equally troubled father, Michael Lohan’s, get out jail for unpaid child support fund.

One hopes for a sustained recovery and professional rehabilitation for Lindsay. With parents/genes like she has, the cards were sort of stacked against her to begin with.

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