Lindsay Lohan plotting jail comeback – new fashion line 6126 expected to rake in $5M

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Oddly, Lindsay Lohan is plotting her jail comeback from behind bars. She is serving her 90-day jail sentence after she violated her probation terms. However, she isn’t letting that stop her.

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In fact, Lohan will debut a clothing line called 6126 on July 30. There is no word on exactly how the line will be promoted without its creator, but people believe that her new line may sale as much as $5 million by the end of this year. That is big business for Lohan.

Does this mean that it pays to be dysfunctional? Perhaps. At least people like Lindsay Lohan seem to be those for whom any publicity is good publicity.

In fact, she stands to make as much as $1 million for her first post jail interview. That is shocking! It is amazing that going to jail is worth so much cash these days.

Experts actually believe that Lohan’s target demographic will not care about how disastrous her life has been. They predict that young women from all over will rush to get their hands on LiLo’s newest fall line.

So, is jail actually going to be profitable for Lindsay Lohan and her brand? It seems that way? What do you think about it? Should she make money off her bad behavior?

Source: New York Daily News

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