Lindsay Lohan Poses for Lohan Family Christmas Picture

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Lindsay Lohan posed for a picture over the Christmas holiday. No, not that kind of picture. This time Lohan posed for a wholesome family photo, with all her clothes on.

Joined by her mother, Dina, sister, Ali, and brothers, Mike Jr. and Cody, at the family home in Long Island Sunday, Lohan has perhaps demonstrated again that she is committed to turning over a new leaf in 2012 (as opposed to smoking it). The Lohan family looks cute as a sitcom clan in this family portrait, probably because the constantly troubled man of the house, Michael Lohan, is nowhere to be seen.

Michael Lohan is still stuck in Florida serving the remainder of his court-ordered 4-month stint at a treatment center for his ongoing substance abuse issues. Michael is also receiving counseling for his similarly well-documented domestic violence problems. Lindsay, of course, has been all over the news recently for her million dollar Playboy shoot, among other issues. So many issues for one seemingly innocent Long Island family.

Sources close to the Lohans explained that this year’s Lohan family Christmas party was pretty an innocuous/joyous celebration by Lohan standards, with lots of gifts exchanged and delicious food. Let’s hope the Lohan family’s egg nog was unspiked this Christmas. It has been quite a year of trials (literally) and tribulations for them. Here’s a stone cold sober toast to a happier 2012.

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