Lindsay Lohan Puffy, Swollen, and Shocking!

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Lindsay Lohan is trying to change her reputation. Unfortunately she may have gone too far this time, leaving her face shockingly puffy and swollen. From the look of things, LiLo is not the poster child for plastic surgery gone badly.

Lindsay Lohan appears to have had not only a little cosmetic surgery recently, but to have had very BAD surgery. The hot-mess that is Lindsay now appears to have had some sort of filler added to her face. Gone is the gaunt Lindsay, replaced by chipmunk with her cheeks stuffed full of nuts.

Of course, Lindsay’s representatives deny that she has had any work done, despite what some experts are saying looking at her recent photographs. Unfortunately the pictures (and Saturday Night Live‘s cameras) don’t lie. This is not Lindsay Lohan.

This is some imposter who has added filler to her cheeks. The results are shocking, though would anyone actually be shocked by anything that Lindsay does these days?

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