Lindsay Lohan Red Carpet Appearance & Kate Perry’s “California Gurls” at MTV Music Awards

Lindsay Lohan outfit for the MTV Movie Awards was bring out the breathalizer bad.  She is so beautiful, but what a half and outfit.  Lots of sequin adorned her torso minus her breasts hanging out, and from the hip down the pants legs were opaque.  Bad taste on a lovely lady.

Also of major snooping interest is the video: Kate Perry’s California Gurls. How outrageous can one be?  Let’s ask Lady Gaga and now Kate Perry as she swings her stuff in this music video of California life in this video below:

 If you’re wondering who will win tonight put your money on “Twilight” and “Avatar.”  Let’s face it MTV Movie Awards is about youth more than the Oscars.  So for best picture I’m going with Avatar which should have won the Osacar, and best kiss will be Kristen Stewar and Dakota Fanning in the Runnaway because Kristen wants it so.

So without further ado, I must go watch the rest of the MTV Movie Awards, and I’ll be back when I have news.

I can’t wait to see what Kristen Stewart does next.

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