Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Staying Sober

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Lindsay Lohan used to be the cute, freckle-faced redhead that stole people’s hearts in Disney movies like The Parent Trap; now, she’s a so-called recovering alcoholic, not even past her late 20s yet. She just got released from jail, for like the gazillionth time, but is she really recovered?

Sources say that Lindsay Lohan attended the birthday party of gal-pal and professional Hollywood photographer, Tyler Shields. Instead of partying down with the other attendees of the glitzy celebrity bash, Lindsay played it safe and refused to drink any alcohol. Of course, who knows how long this behavior is going to last since she just tested dirty in violation of her probation not even two months ago.

A gossip column’s inside source went at great lengths to defend Lindsay Lohan, saying she wouldn’t touch a drop of the wine and other several alcoholic beverages that were being served around her at the party. Could this eyewitness be truthful, or just covering up for some more of this Hollywood bad girl’s bad behavior? Who knows for sure, but Lindsay, or LiLo for those who care to use the lingo, is once again taking on the persona of a recovered, rehabilitated, and clean Lohan. Who wants to make a wager she’ll be off the wagon by the end of the month?

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