Lindsay Lohan Says No to Barbara Walters and ’20/20′

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Lindsay Lohan’s new PR team works fast. They’ve already gotten the troubled star to cancel a scheduled interview with Barbara Walters for 20/20. So why the change of heart?

That’s a good question, but nobody’s answering it directly. They’re simply saying they don’t like the way the interview seemed to be headed.

That’s an interesting change given that Lindsay already met with Barbara during the filming of Liz and Dick and everything seemed fine at that time. She even gave Babs a tour behind the scenes and filled her in on some of the movie’s background. All of that was supposed to be combined with a sit down interview with Walters scheduled to air on November 16th. That’s just before Liz and Dick finally hits the airwaves, which might have provided a good lead in for the film.

Now Lindsay’s saying “no thanks”. Perhaps she’s thought better of a “no-holds-barred” interview with Walters. Barbara’s known for asking some tough and straight forward questions. Perhaps Lindsay isn’t ready to answer them. Maybe she has something to hide or maybe she doesn’t want to risk being made a fool.

Whatever the reason, fans can forget about learning more about the real Lindsay Lohan, at least for now. They’ll just have to stick with whatever the tabloids feed them.

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