Lindsay Lohan Says No to Rehab

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Famously troubled Lindsay Lohan may be headed for yet another stint in rehab as her friends and family tirelessly urge her to get help. The star has reportedly hit rock bottom after what was supposed to be her comeback in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. However, according to reviews, it was bad enough to make anyone involved or watching the film to seek out the bottle.

The starlet has been so worried about her impending probation hearing that’s she’s allegedly been downing 2 liters of vodka a day, but Lohan maintains hat she doesn’t have a problem. Drinking 2 liters a day of anything would warrant an unhealthy addiction, but 2 liters a day of vodka seems to be outright dangerous. Yet Lohan insists that she won’t go to rehab to avoid jail time this time around. It appears nothing will help Lindsay Lohan recover from her habit, as she’s already had several stints in rehab. However, sources close to TMZ claim that Lohan uses the justification that she’s completed three movies to back up her claim that she’s doing fine, when bar fights, impending probation, and the 2 liters of vodka a day claim tell a different story. What will it take to get her back on track?

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