Lindsay Lohan Scheuled to Enter a “Lock Down” Rehab Center

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Lindsay Lohan’s sentence requires her to attend a lock-down rehab center for 90 days. What does a lock-down center mean for the Liz and Dick star? Take a look and see.

It isn’t jail and the former Mean Girls actress should be happy about that. It could still have a lot of amenities including a pool, a fancy restaurant or cafeteria with gourmet food and much more. However, a lot of that depends upon the facility chosen. Since Lindsay has to foot the bill herself, she may not have as many options as she would like.

Still, she will be locked in and barring certain emergencies like a death in the family or a medical problem, she’ll have to stay put for the full three months. No doubt, LiLo isn’t happy about that little detail.

There are, however, varying degrees of “locked”. In some facilities, Lindsay might spend most of the time alone in her room. In others, however, she’d be free to roam the premises. She just can’t leave the facility grounds.

One thing that will likely be a bone of contention for the Parent Trap cutie is her need to participate in certain group activities. There, her stardom won’t hold much water.

Lindsay Lohan’s psychotherapy will probably include group sessions where she’ll have to share some of the secrets she’s tried so hard to keep mum about. Ouch! She may even be required to take part in rehabilitative opportunities like arts and crafts. Can anyone see LiLo weaving a basket?

Lindsay will also be subjected to constant testing to make sure she isn’t sneaking in any alcohol or drugs. A mark on that side of her records could result in real problems for the flagging star’s future.

Still, a lot of people think Lindsay is getting off pretty easy. Like many Hollywood stars, she’s been allowed to run amok for a very long time without suffering any consequences. She’ll likely expect the same kind of exceptions to be made for her inside rehab. She could be right, too. It will likely depend on how much the supposedly broke star can finance.

One thing is certain. She is unlikely to choose a state run facility. After all, they aren’t much better than the jail she’s seeking to avoid. Lindsay will choose a place that will let her have some amenities and therein likes the problem. How can she ever learn anything new if everything is made easy for her?

What do you think? Is Lindsay’s sentence fair or should she have been thrown in jail? Sound off below.

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