Lindsay Lohan Snubbed by Former Lover

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Sources report that Lindsay Lohan tried to get in touch with former lover, Samantha Ronson. In case you don’t remember, a couple years back LiLo and Ronson had a sort of fling, and the troubled star announced her bisexuality. That part wasn’t a big deal; but it did seem like a publicity stunt on Lindsay’s behalf. However, if Lindsay really did try to call Sam Ronson recently, maybe the Mean Girls star does have feelings for her ex.

The National Enquirer, if you can trust this notoriously sensational source, says that Sam Ronson is through with Lindsay Lohan. Apparently Lindsay is just fuming that Ronson proposed to her girlfriend, and the two are planning on living in wedded bliss. In fact, now Samantha Ronson is completely blowing LiLo off and told her to stop calling! Lindsay’s been trying feverishly to get in touch even by trying to make friends do it for her.

“She was seething when she got no response,” said someone close to the troubled star, “but that shouldn’t surprise her -Sam’s still very upset because Lindsay offered NO compassion or sympathy after her shock DUI arrest.”

Well, maybe it’s time for Lindsay to move on, since Sam is completely through with her.


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