Lindsay Lohan Sued by Lunatic Calling Her a ‘High End Prostitute’

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Lindsay Lohan is being sued for $300,000 by a mentally ill man who believes he helped kill Osama bin Laden. The man says Lohan “may be a high end prostitute,” and he is trying to sue her for “unfair business practices.” Good grief.

Lindsay Lohan may be getting herself together at long last, but that doesn’t seem to protect her from stalkers and other potentially dangerous nut jobs. The Mean Girls star was reportedly served with lawsuit papers on her way into court on January 17. She’s being sued by a man named Thomas A. Greene who claims he “met” her on Facebook and they corresponded. She eventually “led him to believe she would participate in a dot-com business he wanted to create.” When Greene pressured her about her “true intentions” he claims he “uncovered a conspiracy about the killing of Osama Bin Laden.”

“[Thomas] set out to command [Lohan] to twitter and stated if [Lohan] acknowledges this is an Osoma Bin Ladden op all civilians in past wrong doing will receive clemency,” wrote Greene in his lawsuit.

Yeah, right.

Green, who is a self-described ex-Marine, admits he has been homeless due to his “depreciated stage of delusion and hallucinations.” At the end of his lawsuit, he added:

“[Lohan] might be a high-end prostitute.”

The most amazing thing about this lunacy is that Greene who is obviously severely deranged was sane enough to hire a process-server to intercept La Lohan with the papers before her court appearance on Tuesday. It’s also rather amazing that he knows what a high-end prostitute is. Obviously, the man is insane, and his lawsuit will be filed immediately in the garbage.

Hopefully, he won’t become another Lindsay Lohan stalker.

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