Lindsay Lohan sues Etrade over “Milkaholic” ad (Video)

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Lindsay Lohan has sued the stock trading company, ETrade for $100 million dollars, claiming that the ad that aired during the Super Bowl mocked the actress and her life. 

The ad featured a baby boy who was accused of cheating on his girlriend with another baby named Lindsay, who was a “milkaholic”.  Her lawyer claims that Etrade used Lohan’s “likeness, name, characterization and personality” and violated her privacy.  The lawyer also said “many celebrities are known by one name only, and E*Trade is using that knowledge to profit.”  

When I hear the name Lindsay, I don’t automatically think of Lindsay Lohan.  ETrade says they used the name to honor a member of their account team.   

In my opinion this is a frivilous lawsuit and a big waste of time.  Remember when Spike Lee sued the cable network, SpikeTV for using the name Spike?  This is just arrogance and greed. 

You be the judge. Watch the ad below

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