Lindsay Lohan Throws Tantrum at Hugo Boss Party

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Lindsay Lohan threw a temper tantrum while dining at a Fashion Week hot spot, but why did she do it? It appears the troubled celeb has a hard time playing it low-key, or maybe she’s just a spoiled brat.

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Sources report that celebrity-spotting photo opportunists with amNewYork snapped a photo of a group of diners at Dream Hotel Downtown. What’s funny is that the amNewYork crew didn’t even realize that Lindsay Lohan was among the dining patrons at the Hugo Boss party for Fashion Week. Before they even had time to point out that they’d just spotted LiLo, the irate star shot up from her seat and started shouting at the photo opportunists. Lindsay started screaming for security as she demanded that the photo-snappers delete the pic they took immediately.

Too bad for her, nobody deleted anything. Lindsay Lohan was looking quite rough in her photo, so was she trying to hide something? She hasn’t appeared very bothered by paparazzi before so why now? Her face was covered by huge shades and her face seemed worn and haggard for her just being in her 20s. Could she be recovering from a bender or having some work done? She certainly didn’t know how to handle herself at the event. That’s for sure.

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So who wants to bet that Lindsay will have herself a Britney Spears meltdown moment in the upcoming future? Anyone wanna place a wager on whether or not she’ll shave her head or flash the world her junk? She’s definitely acting more frazzled lately, and her appearance isn’t getting any better either. Perhaps this train is ready to derail, and she’ll follow in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse. Most would see that coming anyway, right? Lindsay Lohan is troubled, and with her current family environment it’s only going to get worse. Stay tuned.


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