Lindsay Lohan To Be Charged with Lying to Police About Car Crash?

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Lindsay Lohan could face charges for lying to police regarding her car accident back in June. The accident occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, when Lohan’s Porsche was involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler semi-truck. Now the aptly nicknamed, LiLo, is being accused of lying to the police about the incident.

According to a recently released report, the “Herbie Fully Loaded” (just as she often is) actress claimed that she wasn’t actually driving the car when it crashed. However, eyewitnesses to the accident are now claiming she was indeed behind the wheel and was fully responsible for the crash.

Given the fact that Lindsay seems to have new criminal charges slapped against her every time she turns the other cheek, and the fact that she’s currently on probation (surprise, surprise), LiLo could go to jail if she is actually telling fibs to the police. Just when you thought her luck might be turning around, surviving unscathed after a high-speed brush with a tractor trailer on the freeway, if Lohan is indeed lying about the accident, she would likely face jail time. Lindsay Lohan and her representatives are of course sticking to their original story that she was not driving, as well as denying the truck driver’s claim that she offered him money to keep the crash a secret. But just what motivation do the truck driver and several eyewitnesses have to lie? Should one believe the much troubled Lohan, who is to being in trouble with the law what Kim Kardashian is to being in a black man’s bed?

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