Lindsay Lohan To Give Up Clubbing – Again

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Lindsay Lohan has told friends that she will never ever step into another club for as long as she lives. Really and truly. And this time she means it unlike the last few times she promised never to club again. But this time itÂ’s different. She is done with it forever and ever.

Okay, I know youÂ’re rolling your eyes but LiLo does mean it. According to TMZ, she is “completely over the club scene” and will just drink water from now on. This is getting harder and harder to believe. No laughing allowed. Linds says that staying away from the club scene is the best way for her to stay sober and avoid the temptations of alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan has not only pledged that she will stay away from clubs but that her friends have taken the same pledge as well. If they insist on still going to clubs then LiLo will not be their friend anymore. So there! SheÂ’s sure that her party friends used her only to have a good time. Like they needed LindsÂ’ permission to go to a club.

No snickering here folks, if Lindsay says she wonÂ’t be setting another foot in an alcohol environment who are we to think that sheÂ’s not telling the truth? But until then, weÂ’ll believe it when we see it.

HereÂ’s to you, Lindsay Lohan. Good luck.

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