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In what has made my day a tad better, topless Lindsay Lohan pictures just surfaced on the umbra of the internet. You may remember (at least I do) about a year ago Lindsay Lohan posed topless for New York Magazine, and it appears sheÂ’s back at it again. This time thereÂ’s a little more hair in the way of the toplessness-ess and theyÂ’re in black and white (oooh, how artsy of Lindsay Lohan).

But IÂ’m wondering about these new Lindsay Lohan topless pictures. Why is she even doing this? A year ago when she pulled this same stunt, everyone theorized that she was trying to jump start her career by posing topless. Lindsay Lohan mumbled something at the time about how it was in homage to Marilyn Monroe, but that doesnÂ’t distract those of us whose sense of irony is refined enough to note she was trying to jumpstart her career by posing topless!

No, no; a thousand times NO! Those of us in the know (i.e. boys) know that when an actress finally gets around to posing nude in menÂ’s magazine itÂ’s when her career is on the skids. You know, 5-10 years after you wish she had (Angie Everhart and Tia Carrera, IÂ’m looking at the two of you!). And if this pattern holds true (and we know it does) these Lindsay Lohan topless pictures prove what weÂ’ve known was coming for a while now: SheÂ’s pretty much peaked; about to be out of the cultural consciousness. And at the age of what, 22?


I personally think these Lindsay Lohan topless pictures just raises the possibility sheÂ’s going to be such a mess in the future weÂ’ll speak of her in the same breath with Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. Just goes to show you can ruin any kid if you get them into showbiz early enough. And itÂ’s a good thing that we appreciate trainwrecks in our culture. Especially cultural trainwrecksÂ…


PS if you want the rest of the Lindsay Lohan topless pictures, you need to go to the photographer Hedi Slimane’s website. They’re under the link “fashion diary”. Enjoy.


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