Lindsay Lohan Trashes Dr. Phil as ‘Bully’ on Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan recently trashed Dr. Phil on Twitter for disrespecting her mom, Dina, during their interview. Much like her mother, Lindsay insisted that Dina was not drunk when she appeared on Dr. Phil’s show. Au contraire, the Mean Girls star maintained that Dina’s bizarre comments and behavior were Phil’s fault. According to Lindsay, the dome-pated doc is just a really mean guy. In fact, he’s a “fraud” and a “bully.”

“@DrPhil You should be ashamed of yourself,” Lindsay wrote indignantly. “What kind of man takes advantage if a woman @her most vulnerable state? YOU are the fraud.”

Of course, as everyone who has not spent this month in a drunken stupor will no doubt recall, La Lohan senior seemed definitely out of it on Dr. Phil’s show–slurring her words and waxing unintelligible. Whether she was chemically impaired or just having some sort of bizarre meltdown is, certainly, a matter of opinion. You can form or alter your own opinion by taking another look at Dina embarrassing herself here.

On the other hand, Lindsay is to be admired for standing by her mother. Now if only the two of them could get some help together. Not from Dr. Phil of course.

And speaking of the portly headshrinker version of Jerry Springer, kudos to Lindsay Lohan for finally telling him off. It’s about time somebody put the pompous pseudo know-it-all in his place. Now, if someone would do the same to the even more disgustingly annoying, fame-addicted addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Where’s Charlie Sheen when he’s needed?

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