Lindsay Lohan Vows to Get Even With Congressional Aide Who Photographed Her Partying

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Lindsay Lohan has vowed to get even with a Congressional Aide who she says took incriminating photographs of her while partying in New York City. Does this girl really not know when to stop playing the victim and running her mouth?

The latest celebrity scandals news reports involving the former Disney Princess also known as LiLo (in the press) includes allegations that she was choked by a party pal who she suspected had snuck in his cell phone to take pictures. The young man’s name is Christian LaBella.

Lohan became suspicious he had been taking photos of her late in the night. Fox News claims, “[She] tricked him into giving her his cell phone, and then ran down a hall trying to delete the photos and videos.”

A smart move, right? Not really because once again she’s making headlines for her bad behavior and looking catty for threatening the Congressional Aide, claiming he won’t get away with this…

“[Lindsay Lohan] confirmed [to police] that [LaBella] had in fact taken multiple photographs of her throughout the evening.” Then she filed a claim against LaBella for attacking her and choking her in an attempt to get his precious cell phone back.

Lindsay LohanThe NYPD report referring to the assault claim and her unnerving photog incident stated, “Ms. Lohan attempted to leave the hotel room with Mr. LaBella’s cellular telephone for the purpose to deleting the photographs.”

Lohan told police that once LaBella realized she was scrolling through his phone and deleting photos of herself, he physically assaulted her.

Fox News reveals that although a police report has been filed related to the alleged crime that authorities are not fully buying the celebrity’s retelling of the incident.

“He [LaBella] was initially arrested, but then released because of insufficient evidence. Lohan and LaBella then filed cross harassment complaints against one another.”

Really, Lindsay? Really?

After so many disturbing incidents of paparazzi capturing photographs of the wayward twenty-something in compromising positions, one would think that the actress would either be a little more careful about who she allowed to visit her inner sanctum. That, or she should just come out and admit her partying ways. Then she could sit back and enjoy all the free press and publicity likely to come from having scandalous photographs promoted on the Internet.

While it is understandable why she would be angry that someone had been taking photographs of her without her permission, getting involved in another highly publicized celebrity scandal only makes her look foolish.

What do you think, readers? Would LiLo have been better off allowing him to publish the photographs and then suing or did she do the right thing by filing a police report?

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