Lindsay Lohan Wants a Baby to Straighten out her Life – Lilo, Start with a Puppy First!

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Lindsay Lohan wants a baby. Don’t have heart attack just yet. Lohan only said she wanted to have a baby, she didn’t say she was pregnant! Best known for being unstable and troubled, it’s difficult to fathom how Lindsay Lohan can have a baby and be a good mother!

According to InTouch Weekly, friends said Lindsay Lohan thinks having a baby will curb her troubles ways. One can argue Lohan should think about having a puppy first before reaching out to her baby dreams! It’s possible that the wacky celebrity will learn having a baby does not mean less stress in a one’s life or more stability!

There will be more stresses and whatever freedom Lohan may have now will be taken away by the baby! Unless of course, Lohan has the baby and her mother does all the nurturing. However, Lohan didn’t turn out quite right so maybe Dina Lohan probably shouldn’t be the caregiver here either.

What do you think about this latest news? Can you even imagine what this poor baby will have to go through?

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