Lindsay Lohan will Go to Jail even with Plea Deal

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Things are just get worse for Lindsay Lohan. LiLo was planning to take a plea deal in an effort to avoid jail. Now, Judge Keith Schwartz has rained on her parade and informed her that taking the deal will still result in her going to jail. What’s a girl to do?

Poor LiLo. She’s gotten herself in deep this time, and it looks like jail will be the result no matter her course of action!

Judge Keith Schwartz flat out told the star that if she accepts the plea deal she’s not getting out of jail.

“You will be going to jail, period!” He told her.

In addition, this guy means business and he doesn’t care in the least if she’s a star. She’s not getting special treatment, not from him! Ruh-Ruh! Trouble in paradise for LiLo!

“I’ve never met you before the last court appearance… I treat everybody the same. I don’t care that you’re Lindsay Lohan,” the judge told the troubled actress.

He seems to find that she’s causing her family stress and he doesn’t want her to be a repeat offender in the system. Pssst, someone should tell him that she’s already been a repeat offender! Perhaps not for theft, but for her other issues she has.

So what was LiLo’s reaction to this news? Nothing. She reportedly say quietly listening to the hearing.

Well, well, well, it seems that someone is going to throw the proverbial book at the troubled 24-year-old and that she might for once have to take responsibility for her actions. It’s about time!

Wonder how long it’ll be until there are Judge Keith Schwartz fan clubs popping up on the internet over this move? What do you think of his attitude toward Lindsay? Is he being fair or too harsh? Weigh in below.

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