Lindsay Lohan’s Arrest Is Ironic After Her Tweet About Bynes

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Lindsay Lohan was arrested in NYC this week after asking in a tweet about why Amanda Bynes had not been put in jail for her similar driving-related issues in LA.

News spread quickly that Bynes was a little ticked off at Lindsay after catching wind of the Lohan tween Monday which read, “Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”

Instead of focusing on the former child stars’ and current ne’er-do-wells’ differences, perhaps Li-Lo should have been focusing on their similarities. For one, they are both red-headed, former (?) beauties who established their fame as actresses in wholesomely sweet roles for teeny boppers and have kept it by pretty much erasing every memory their fans once had of them being wholesome, sweet or teenaged. Legal troubles, a longtime bane of Lindsay’s, also now appears to be taking center stage as the m.o. of Ms. Bynes. Some of Amanda’s latest antics really cause one to question whether she’s been looking up to Lohan as a role model of sorts.

According to TMZ, Bynes had been complaining about Lohan’s tweet due to the fact that Lindsay Lohan has been convicted of multiple crimes, while she herself had yet to be convicted of a single thing. Now, citing Lindsay’s most recent arrest in New York for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, Bynes took a bit of sadistic pleasure in Li-Lo’s misfortune as karma can indeed be a…mean girl!

To state the obvious as succinctly as possible, neither one of these girls should still have a driver’s license.

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