Lindsay Lohan’s Dad, Michael, Can’t Get Drug Story Straight

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Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael just can’t seem to get his story straight when it comes his daughter. Did Michael Lohan say that Lindsay was doing prescription drugs while she hosted Saturday Night Live and then backtrack on the statement? The elder Lohan swears he never tattled on his daughter Lindsay, but unfortunately the tapes don’t lie.

That’s right! According to RadarOnline, Michael Lohan may have to eat his own words when it comes to piling on Lindsay. See, Michael claimed that Lindsay was doing prescription drugs and went so far as to tell someone at CelebrityVIPLounge that she was. Of course, it didn’t take long for his story to change the minute that his interview was published.

Was Michael misquoted in the interview about his daughter Lindsay Lohan and her drug problem killing her acting career? Well, the website had decided to throw Michael Lohan under the bus and release the audio tape of his interview about his daughter.

I have to say this…On SNL, Lindsay was not using any illicit drugs or drinking but she still is on prescription drugs that they gave her. And the meds that they give her are meds that they say she needs, but she doesn’t need them. But they kind of make her flat. She’s not acting at a full potential. It’s like the screen is down over her.

So, was Lindsay Lohan using prescription drugs while on SNL? At this point it probably doesn’t matter. The thing is, why does he even have to talk about Lindsay in an interview at all? If he would just keep his mouth shut about the private life of his daughter, he wouldn’t have to lie and backtrack when he says stupid things about his daughter. That would be a start, right?

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