Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Michael To Become A Professional ‘Escort’

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Lindsay Lohan just can’t catch a break.  Just when it seemed as though the troubled  former Disney starlet was finally getting herself together by snagging a role in the new film Gotti: Three Generations, up pops her daddy dearest to embarrass her.  No, he’s not in trouble with the law again.  Far from it, he’s got a new gig as well.  Hold onto your hats for this one.  Michael Lohan is going to become a $10,000 a pop professional dinner date.

Yes, for a price, you can enjoy an evening of dinner, dancing, and the incomparable company of Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre buffoon of a father.  However, lest anyone think Michael is just a run of the mill escort, he’s not.  His standards are extremely high.  In addition to the $10,000 first date minimum, he also requires – “first class airfare if he has to travel out of state for the date” plus “four star hotel accommodations or better.”
Good grief.

It all started when Michael signed up for a lifetime membership on a website called, “which specializes in members offering money to go on a first date.”  Although, the deal hasn’t yet been officially signed and finalized, the former Celebrity Rehab “patient” has decided to donate all his earnings to charity.

“I’m willing to do this in order to donate the money to a rehab and recovery program or programs,” Lohan declared.  “Dinner usually costs between $200 and $500. Why not get paid for it and have it go to a good cause?”

Why not indeed?  When asked if he would follow in the footsteps of many professional escorts and go “all the way,”  Michael coyly replied:  “What happens on a dinner date? I donÂ’t kiss and tell.”

So there you have it.  Michael Lohan–professional dater, escort, dinner companion.  Whatever.  Wonder what Dr. Drew Pinsky will make of this?  More importantly, what will Lindsay Lohan say about this?  This will really have her cowering in the closet.

Note:  Perhaps the real question here is not how or what, but who.  Who would pay $10, let alone $10,000 for a date with Michael Lohan?  The man is ridiculous.  And ugly.

Just saying.

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