Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Tries to Help (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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I heard the other day on Chelsea Lately, Lindsay Lohan was offered a million dollars to be on Celebrity Rehab and she denied it because she “doesn’t” have a problem.

I found out on Ask Men her father flew out to Los Angeles to convince his daughter to enter rehab. Lohan currently lives in Hollywood with her younger sister Ali. Michael Lohan went to her apartment with four police officers but she denied them entry.

Lohan wrote on her Twitter:

“OMG!!!!!!!!!! I have no choice but to make this public, due to my sister’s safety, as well as my own, “my ex-dad” just WALKED INTO MY APT like the devil’s advocate with officers.”

“My lawyer isn’t answering I NEED A RESTRAINING ORDER! MY SISTER AND FRIEND TOO! HE’S NUTS!! my BUILDING didn’t STOP him, isn’t it supposed to be safe? THAT’S WHY I MOVED HERE!!! It coulda been FAKE cops ! Dressed up! (sic)”

So I feel like Lindsay and Michael both have separate problems. Michael has denied paying child support and hasn’t been the best dad, but maybe he really wants to try. I feel like Michael needs to just go away.  Lindsay, Girl You need HELP! I feel like she is totally spiraling and I feel bad for her. I feel worse that Dina and Michael are her parents (no matter she’s messed up.) She needs to get her act together Stat!

Where did that sweet little girl from Parent Trap go?

Michael Lohan Takes Kate To The Newsroom!

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