Lindsay Lohan’s History of Theft Could Spell Trouble in Necklace Case

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Lindsay Lohan’s history of theft could be brought up if she fails to accept the plea deal.

LiLo has just two days to decide if she will be accepting the plea deal, which comes complete with a three month jail stint that will likely wind up being just 19 days. Should she pass on the plea deal, she could be in for some ugly trial proceedings.

Radar Online is reporting that if this necklace theft trial goes on that Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is planning to dig up past incidents where LiLo had stolen items from friends as part of their case. Fair game for inclusion are incidents where Lindsay was accused of stealing a $35K Rolex from a friend as well as a $12K mink coat from Maria Markova in New York City.

While Lindsay might not have been prosecuted for either of these past thefts it could still bode very badly on her trial. How many times does someone innocent get accused of theft three times in the course of three years? It’s not terribly likely to happen to anyone unless there’s a hint of truth to some of the accusations.

Lindsay would be smart to accept the plea deal, and it seems that she might finally be seeing the light on this one. Reports out by TMZ have claimed that she’s seriously considering accepting the deal. Perhaps she got wind that they were going to arm themselves with the coat and Rolex incidents? Either way, you know she’ll barely spend time in jail and within a year she’ll be finding herself back in court. Some people never learn, and it seems LiLo is one of them.

What do you think? Will she take the plea deal? How long will she wind up in jail if she does? And when can the world expect to see her back in court for another flub-up? Weigh in below.

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