Lindsay Lohan’s Issue Probably Won’t Break Records Thanks to Internet

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Lindsay Lohan’s leaked photos may have killed any chances of her Playboy issue breaking records. The old adage of “why pay for something you can get for free” is true in this instance. Despite Hugh Hefner’s claims that early sales of Lohan’s issue have already broken records; retailers are singing a different tune.

Lindsay Lohan HD 11x17 Sexy Actress #07 HDQThe hard numbers just don’t add up either. According to, Playboy used to sell “7 million copies per month back in its heyday of the early ’70s. Today, its circulation is closer to 1.5 million.”

There is speculation that Lindsay’s issue will sell more than 1.5 million copies. However, it is nearly impossible that Lindsay will sell over 7 million copies thanks to her leaked photos already circulating online. Several people are placing the number of sales to be around 4 million copies.

Hugh Hefner is trying his best to bolster Playboy sales by comparing LiLo’s pictorial to that of Drew Barrymore’s. Hef even released Lindsay Lohan’s issue early and has been giving it rave reviews. However, most people think the whole Marilyn Monroe thing has been done to death by Lohan and other celebrities in past shoots. It’s just not working anymore. Hopefully sales will be up and Playboy won’t have been affected by the leaked photos. Still, it’s highly unlikely LiLo’s issue will have broken any kind of significant record.

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