Lindsay Lohan’s jail stint to end tonight

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Only in Hollywood can someone go into jail, smirk in a new mug shot and then get out in less than 24 hours — which appears will be the case for Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay appeared in court earlier today after failing two drug tests, an obvious violation of her parole. The judge, as promised, showed no mercy by ordering immediate jail time without bail.

Her new mug shot, in which she sports a pouty lip, is out and TMZ is reporting Lilo will soon be free of her prison clothes. Her attorney filed an appeal. Apparently California gives people the right to bail in a misdemeanor case, which this is.

Once out, Lindsay will be wearing a SCRAM bracelet again — quickly becoming her go to accessory. She will be ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol —  seems like a no brainer. And, of course, Lindsay will be responsible for the $300,000 bail.

If that’s Cali’s law so be it, but there should be some ramifications for Lindsay. How many times should someone be allowed to cut rehab and jail stints short just to turn around and mess it up again?

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