Lindsay Lohan’s Leaked Photos Breaking Record Sales for Playboy: Retailers Say Nay!

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Has Lindsay Lohan’s leaked photos from Playboy ruined the sales of her issue or have they helped sales? That question is being floated around the Internet. Unfortunately for Lohan, some sources believe her leaked photos killed all hope of sales booming but Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner is stating otherwise!

Lindsay Lohan HD 11x17 Sexy Actress #07 HDQWhen Lindsay’s issue was released early, retailers supposedly said it was a major dud and they blamed the poor sales on the leaked Internet photos. According to, several of their interviews following the Friday release ended with retailers saying, “No one has bought it.”

However, that’s not what Hefner has to say! The Hef was all smiles when he announced that his million dollar investment was paying off! Playboy’s spokesman didn’t divulge numbers but did say Lohan’s issue was doing “very well” since its release.

Hefner said, “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records.”

The official numbers are still up in the air. If you believe what Hugh Hefner has to say, Lindsay Lohan’s leaked photos from Playboy have actually upped anticipation and desire to own her pictures in hardcopy form. Despite several people believing Lohan had brought a curse upon the publication, it seems her issue may be doing very well.

Then again Lohan’s issue could have been a major bomb that the magazine is now trying to cover up!

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