Lindsay Lohan’s Nails Offer Courtroom Profanity, World’s Most Famous Manicure (photo)

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Lindsay Lohan, when will you learn that painting F.U. on your nails and openly displaying the writing in a court of law during a hearing that could send you to jail is not the best idea?   Yep, you have probably heard by now that our favorite SCRAM bracelet wearing starlet, has now been sentenced 90 days in jail for breaking probation.   I am also sure you have seen Lindsay’s manicure, but in case you haven’t here are some close-up shots of her nails.

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has an expletive written on her middle finger during a probation status hearing at the Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse, in Beverly Hills, California on July 6, 2010. UPI/David McNew/Pool Photo via Newscom

I am not so sure what the world is coming to that Lindsay’s nails are now the subject of such an amazing firestorm, but it does beg a couple of questions to be asked the teen-star fallen from grace.  What does her showing up to court in Beverly Hills with her nails done like this make you want to ask?  Here are two questions that come to mind immediately.

First, Ms. Lindsay Lohan, what on Earth were you thinking? Or were you thinking at all? It makes one wonder if the girl has absolutely no grey-matter between those ears of her’s.   When you step in a courtroom and are looking for the judge to give you a wee-bit of leniency, perhaps having profanity scrawled on your fingers is a bad idea. Lindsay, you know that you are going to be scrutinized by everyone in the courtroom, from judge, to media, to fans, Right?!?

Second, Lindsay, to whom was the message intended?  The judge?  Your father?  The paparazzi? (did you get that idea from Lady Gaga’s Mets’ game fiasco?)  The media?

Lindsay, next time, you should think it, but not write it.  Perhaps the judge would be less harsh on you, and perhaps your fans would be more lenient as well.  While you are at it, perhaps you could pick a more conservative color for the next time you get your nails done!  At least you have 90 days in jail to debate what color you should get when you get out.

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