Lindsay Lohan’s Necklace Theft Surveillance Video Details Revealed

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Things are looking bad for Lindsay Lohan, worse than usual. Details about the footage from the jewelry store’s surveillance camera, where Lindsay allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace, are emerging, A white female in a black coat and miniskirtand they don’t paint a good picture.

Apparently, the footage shows Lindsay and a friend entering the jewelry store. Lohan can be seen looking over the allegedly stolen necklace before taking off her own necklace and putting on the stolen one.

Her friend is shown distracting the jewelry store clerk, while Lindsay puts her own necklace back on over the stolen one. The two then exit the store with the stolen necklace “clearly visible” on Lohan’s neck.

If these rumors about what can be seen in the surveillance tape is true, then it’s obviously Lindsay Lohan likes to play with fire. There’s something very wrong about her. It could be a mental or an emotional issue, or it could even be both.

It’s getting to the point where one has to wonder, if Lohan enjoys being locked up, or does Lindsay enjoy the constant bad press that surrounds her? Perhaps Lohan is thinking that at least she’s still relevant, who knows?

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