Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab A Joke as She Fails Alcohol Test

It seems that Lindsay Lohan will never learn. She talks a good game but fails when it comes to follow through. After claims of understanding that her problems stemmed from her own actions, Lohan continues to spiral down.

Although Lohan completed rehab at the Betty Ford Center just a couple of months ago, it apparently didn’t take. Her court-required test showed that she is already back to drinking.

Upon leaving the clinic in February, Lindsay Lohan told reporters, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” Apparently her new first day’s intent is to continue bad habits. In other words, it seems the actress has no intention of changing a thing.

Unfortunately, the courts aren’t doing the star any favors by letting her off easy for probation infractions like failed drug or alcohol tests. They also talk a good game, threatening to put the star in jail. Then let her off with little more than house arrest and/or probationary time.

Such is the case with Lindsay Lohan’s latest infraction. Yesterday, her lawyer pleaded no contest on the star’s behalf with regard to a recent necklace theft. Even allegations that she likely committed similar thefts in the past didn’t seem to matter.

It’s doubtful any other criminal committing grand theft would get off so easy. Such minor slaps on the wrist feed into the star’s belief that she is somehow above the law. It’s about time that Lohan learn otherwise.

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