Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth Rotting? Dentist Says Yes! (Photo)

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Lindsay Lohan’s teeth may be rotting away due to “definite neglect” says a top-notch dentist in Los Angeles. Lohan’s recent appearance at the THQ launch party left many people stunned not because of what she wore, but because her teeth were stained brown and looked to be rotting. Basically, with teeth like that, Lohan’s mouth can’t smell of roses.

Thirty-2 Advanced Dentistry in Beverly Hills’ Dr. Naz Tofigh was shown a photo of Lindsay’s once beautiful white sparklers which now looked more like a hobo’s smile.

Giving her expert opinion, Dr. Tofigh said, “There are signs of definite neglect. This is what someone looks like when they haven’t been to the dentist for a long time and they just haven’t taken care of themselves. There are a lot of stains on her teeth, the yellow spots are typical of people who drink a lot of red wine and smoke. These are definitely the teeth of someone who doesn’t care because this is not a clean mouth. Any kind of bad health and lack of sleep affects your gums.”

Well, poor Lindsay Lohan. Her rotting teeth told quite a tale about who she is and where she is in her life. But, Dr. Tofigh also said that it wasn’t too late for the starlet to clean up her act. She said that Lohan would first need to quit smoking and drinking red wine. The next step would be for the troubled actress to see a dentist right away.

Dr. Tofigh said Lindsay needs “a good cleaning, teeth whitening, and a night-guard as she looks to have been grinding her teeth down, which could be from stress.”

Even though Lindsay Lohan’s rep blasted reports about her rotting teeth; one can only hope that Lohan takes a long look in the mirror and reassess her teeth and her life. She should definitely take everything Dr. Tofigh has said to heart. It looks like it’s time to go to the dentist for Lohan.

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