Lindsey Harrison Gives Forest an Ultimatum

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Lindsey Harrison recently caught her baby daddy cheating. In addition to that, he had been stashing drugs in their home! When she confronted him about it, Forrest got violent with her—even though she was carrying their child at the time.

Now, Lindsey has moved out of their home and in with her dad a few hours away. The 16 & Pregnant star is now having to adjust to being a single mommy and it hasn’t been easy—especially since Forest hasn’t been active with his daddy duties.

“I will not let forest come in & out as he pleases. He’s either 100% in her life or 100% out. No deadbeats allowed!” she tweeted. Fans may remember seeing Forest’s flaky behavior during Lindsey’s pregnancy. Once their baby was born, he seemed to be headed for a turn around, but he clearly stopped short.

It’s a shame that Forest has turned out to be such a disappointment. His cheating is one thing but to be on drugs and abusive to the mother of your children puts him in a whole different class.

Lindsey is focused on her job as a mom and she’s working hard to support both of them. Lindsey is currently working two jobs! Go mom!

Hopefully, Forest will come to his senses and be the daddy he was meant to be to his young child.

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