Lindsey Vonn on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Last night Jay Leno was back on NBC with an exclusive Lindsey Vonn Tonight Show appearance.  The olympic gold medalist in Women’s skiing stopped by to show off the gold which included her two medals and a sparkly short gold skirt.  One of Leno’s other guest was actor/comedian Jamie Foxx who asked Vonn what the adrenaline rush was like in competing and winning the gold.  During Lindsey Vonn’s Jay Leno appearance, she discussed the pressures of competing and being nervous, but said she stayed focused as best she could to ultimately win the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Leno brought up the fact that Vonn’s mom said Lindsey never cries, so the emotional Olympic moment that brought tears to her eyes was a big deal.  Leno also discussed how behind every successful woman is a man, and brought up Vonn’s husband.  Vonn said he’s always been supportive and helped her to reduce some of the stress and pressure involved with the competition.

During the Lindsey Vonn appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show she also discussed her shin injury.  She said she had hoped the injury would heal by the games, but it hadn’t after a lot of rehab and recovery.  Vonn discussed the depression and frustration which accompanied the injury and her unique rehab methods including cheese.  You can watch the complete 6 minute or so Lindsey Vonn Tonight Show segment via NBC video, which also includes Vonn discussing her use of cheese on the injured area, her broken finger and her controversial Sports Illustrated cover.

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