Lingerie Football Coming to Oklahoma? OKC Mayor Can’t Ban Racy League

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The Lingerie Football League wants to come to Oklahoma City. However, Mayor Mick Cornett has said no to the racy league. The rub is that the mayor is only one vote out of 9 on the city council, so he cannot ban the league from coming. The lingerie league has women who play football, and that seems like a good thing.

Lingerie Football League not coming to Oklahoma City - Mayor Cornett Says no to Racy LFL. MEXSPORT/JORGE MARTINEZ Photo via Newscom

Unfortunately, the women play football in what amounts to lingerie. The Lingerie Football League that wants to come to Oklahoma features women wearing tight, skimpy uniforms under their football gear. This seems incredibly unsafe for those who play – if they were more similar to men’s uniforms then perhaps it could be taken more seriously. Not only that, the outfit totally objectifies the women. It’s hard to know if people are going for the football or the peep show. It is most likely the later.

Good for Mayor Cornett speaking out against the controversial league. The chairman of the Lingerie Football League has accused the mayor of taking away the freedom of people to choose what sporting events they want to attend. However, there are many other desperately wanted and needed professional sports in OKC. The LFL season starts in August, and the league will decide next week if they want to pursue expanding to Oklahoma City.

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