Lingerie Football League Team May Be Playing in Oklahoma City (Video)

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A Lingerie Football League wants to open bring a team of ladies to Oklahoma City. Mayor Mick Cornett is not thrilled, but says that he can’t stop it alone. He is one vote out of nine.

Oklahoma City recently acquired its first pro-basketball team called The Thunder. The city goes nuts supporting that NBA team. This team would be part of the LFL, which is the Lingerie Football League. Ladies play tackle football in their underwear, and the mayor is not thrilled. The city council would have to approve the move, but the team wants to start in Oklahoma City before the next season.

USA Today reports, “The league is made up of teams featuring women playing tackle football while wearing halter style tops and tight shorts under their football gear.”  

Why would the mayor be against the Lingerie Football League? He’s always been for bringing more sport venues to OKC? The problem is Oklahoma is a very red, conservative state, and those conservative values may be problematic for the league.

As for revenue, there will be no problem. Oklahomans love their sports, and being red-blooded Americans, ladies in their underwear are welcome.

Jan 28, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - The Los Angeles Temptation will play their final Lingerie Football League (LFL) season game at the Coliseum on Friday. The Temptation will play the San Diego Seduction, needing a win for an opportunity to advance to Miami, Florida next week for the LFL Conference Playoffs and possibly Lingerie Bowl VII set to air Super Bowl Sunday opposite Super Bowl XLIV halftime's show. The LFL features 10 teams playing 7-on-7 full-contact tackle football. PICTURED - The Los Angeles Temptation's STEPHANIE PSICK, Reno, NV runs with the ball during media day at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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