LinkedIn User Passwords Linked in Major Security Breach

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A Russian hacker rocked LinkedIn administrators and users alike on Wednesday, when they reportedly posted in a forum that they had hacked and uploaded over 6.5 million user passwords, yet another in a series of security concerns voiced against the business networking site.

The site then attempted to mollify users by tweeting that they were looking into the potential security breach, and for users to “stay tuned”, a sentiment that lent little peace of mind to anyone.

LinkedinThis is only one of the recent security concerns regarding the site and, subsequently, its iOS application, as just this week concerns were raised about the security of data transmitted by the app. As it turns out, user data is potentially used and sent to the site without user permission, a big no-no for a site as professional as LinkedIn.

If you’re a user of the site, what is your take on the recent security issues? Is it enough to make you leave the site? Or does the benefit of using the site outweigh the potential risk? Weigh in below.

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