Linsanity! Sarah Palin ‘Linsane’ over Jeremy Lin

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Linsanity has taken over the world. Now even former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has declared her love of the New York Nick’s Jeremy Lin. She is going “Linsane” (which may not surprise some people).

Linsanity! Sarah Palin 'Linsane' over Jeremy LinPalin loves the baller so much that she actually said, he is “an American story … uplifting, positive … he unifies our country!” He was an underdog who fought through the odds to get where he is. There you have it. Jeremy Lin is a true patriot. Perhaps that is why Linsanity is taking over the U.S. Do you think he is good for the country right now especially when so many other aspects are so divided? Isn’t it nice to rally around somebody like this?

What do you think about Sarah Palin becoming such a huge fan of Lin? Are you surprised? Did you even know the former politician and reality TV star was a fan of basketball and the NBA?

Check her out talking to TMZ about her Linsanity in the video below. She may still be considering a presidential run because she became quite diplomatic about whether she liked Lin or Tim Tebow better.

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