Lion King Actress Shannon Tavarez Dead at 11

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“Lion King actress Shannon Tavarez died at 11 years old. Tavarez was the young soprano who starred on Broadway’s “Lion King.” She played Nala from September 2009 until she felt pain in her lower body. She was diagnosed and died of acute myeloid leukemia. Doctors could not find a donor to save her.

“Her story drew the attention of numerous celebrities, including Alicia Keys and Rihanna, who led campaigns to find a bone-marrow match for Tavarez,” according to PopEater. Unfortunately, they did were not able to find a suitable donor.

Shannon was such a lovely and talented little girl who had so much to live for. It really makes you wonder why someone who is born so blessed could contract such a vicious disease and not be saved.

Our condolences go to the family and friends of little Shannon Tavarez. Nobody is supposed to die at 11-years-old. This is so sad. She and her talent will be greatly missed.

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