Lisa Cherry Sick of Cooking Stabs Man

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46-year-old Lisa Cherry was arrested Monday night after she allegedly stabbed her man friend. Apparently she was sick of cooking for him, or at least that’s what she said. Some people take their frustrations out entirely too far, but fortunately the victim of this alleged attack is fine.

It’s reported that Lisa Cherry got all kinds of stabby during an argument that broke out between her and the 56-year-old unidentified victim. The victim claims that Cherry was drinking beer when she started throwing food out the door of their home. Things took a sort of rednecky turn when the victim threatened to cut her ponytail off if she didn’t chill out, which didn’t get the calmed reaction one would suspect from a beer-drinking woman on food tossing rampage. (Sarcasm)

Cherry is accused of responding by grabbing a knife and cutting the phone lines with it before she stabbed the 56-year-old man in the hand. A witness has backed up the victim’s claims and the pissed off food-tosser was booked on aggravated battery charges. She’s currently being held without bond.

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