Lisa D’Amato Talks Winning and About Angelea Preston

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With all the talk surrounding Angelea Preston, one would be inclined to think that she took home the top honors on America’s Next Top Model All Stars. However, that could not be further from the truth. Angelea was suddenly disqualified from the competition and wild child Lisa D’Amato was named the winner.

Lisa had a busy first day as the reigning top model. Her first blog for Vogue was posted and she also did several interviews. So, what did Lisa think of her run on Top Model? Lisa told Wetpaint Entertainment:

“in terms of competition, Allison and I had the first call-outs, the best pictures. She was my biggest competitor.”

Interestingly, she is right. Allison and Lisa were seldom in the bottom two and often had high remarks. Angelea, though a strong competitor, found herself struggling throughout the competition. Rumors are swirling that Angelea actually won the title, but due to a breach of contract, was disqualified. What does Lisa think about those rumors?

“Um, well you know, Angelea’s like uh — if that happened I have no idea about that. And Angelea’s fiery, she’s going to say what she wants to say”

That’s a pretty interesting response! What do you think about the rumors that Angelea actually won? Are you glad that Lisa won America’s Next Top Model?

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