Lisa Irwin Case: Custody Hearing Delayed

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Shortly after Lisa Irwin went missing from her crib in early October, a custody battle started for Lisa’s half-brother because his biological mother wanted him back. She believed that the trauma of Lisa going missing was too much for him, and as a concerned mother, it is possible that she wanted her son home with her when investigators and police were searching for the missing baby.

The custody battle has been going on in the background while volunteers continue to search for the missing baby. The custody hearing in the case has been delayed until December 7th, according to WPTV. Jeremy Irwin did not appear in court on Tuesday as scheduled to fight for custody of his son.

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However, don’t think that the father of Lisa Irwin will give up that easily. According to his attorney, Jeremy plans to fight the custody battle because the child’s biological mother, Rasleen Raim, has not played a role in the child’s life for over six years.

His attorney, however, has not explained why Irwin missed his court date. The family is reportedly devastated over the many vigils local community members are putting together, but could this stress have caused him to forget his court date? Is he so caught up in finding Lisa Irwin that he forgot about his other child, who may be removed from the home?

Or what else is going on with the Irwin family behind the scenes? Keep an eye out on December 7th, when Irwin is expected in court.

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