Lisa Irwin Psychic Makes More Comments

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Lisa Irwin has attracted the attention of the mainstream media, online writers and a psychic who even admits that she’s never successfully solved a case with her visions. Stephanie Almaguer isn’t stopping though, and she’s made more comments.

Although there aren’t any official developments in the search for missing baby Lisa Irwin, Stephanie Almaguer is still making comments about her psychic gifts. She says now that her children have the gift, expressed via pictures they draw. She admits that her children have helped her with the visions she’s had about the missing baby’s location.

In her recent blog post, she goes on to describe the talent shared by her and her children, but it’s becoming evident that the woman possibly doesn’t possess any ESP ability. Look, there are skeptics and there are believers, and then there are people who know the difference between a gift and a psychosis. Which kind are you?

Lisa Irwin is priority #1

The little girl was allegedly abducted from her home, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this may not be the case. Detectives re-enacted the so-called abduction, using evidence found at the scene with the stories told by Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin. In the re-enactment, the findings didn’t quite look like someone could squeeze through the window to abduct a baby.

It also doesn’t make sense that someone would turn on all of the lights and steal a cell phone on their way out the front door. If the lights were on already, what kind of prowler would enter the window of a home that is lit up like everyone is awake and active inside? None of the details have added up since day-one.

The searches of the old abandoned casino property, described by Almaguer, have been inconclusive. The woman admits that she’s never solved a missing persons case, so this case should be added to that list. Sometimes people like this do more harm than good, on many levels. They take away from the credibility of actual ESP phenomena, and they make people who do have unexplainable gifts look seedy even when they’re not involved. They also draw attention away from the important factors of cases like these. It’s all around not a good situation.


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