Lisa Rinna Admits Being Scared Showing Lip Surgery on Series Finale

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Lisa Rinna is admitting to being scared showing her graphic lip surgery footage on the Harry Loves Lisa series finale on Wednesday night. She has taken to her Twitter this week to warn fans of what they’ll see and also admit to her fears. There’s no doubt this will raise viewership for the finale on TVLand, but what will people be saying about her after Wednesday night?

While at first becoming well-known for as being a soap opera actress on Days of Our Lives, Lisa Rinna then extended her resumé with a stint on Melrose Place, and a season of Dancing With the Stars. While all this certainly increased her popularity, it also drew her certain notoriety because of her enlarged lips. It become obvious that they were either surgically or medically enhanced somehow. They just no longer looked natural.

On her current reality TV series, Harry Loves Lisa on TVLand, Rinna has admitted to getting surgery on her lips and has decided to get another operation on them, this time to restore them to the size they were originally. In the series finale of the series on Wednesday night, fans will see her go through the very graphic surgery.

Rinna has now taken to Twitter expressing her fears for getting the surgery and for showing the graphic footage on TV. She wrote that the finale will be “raw and honest and brutally raw and horrific at times and funny and touching and real and too graphic scary.” She and husband Harry Hamlin originally raised doubt while promoting the series when they experienced a break-in to their clothing store live on the air. Viewers wondered if that was a setup, so now with her promising more drama, it does bring up the question of how much she is capitalizing on her fears.

Capitalizing on them or not, Rinna will take to Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace live tonight during the finale to chat live with viewers. That’s a brave thing to do, as there are bound to be several naysayers that chime in with their thoughts on her appearance.


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